Kolibri Brush slanted for oil and acrylic Serie 1009/ Size 20

Code: 1009/20

Diagonal hair styling, „Synthetic Golden Sable“ hair, suitable for oil and acrylic. Long handle

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Brushes serie 1009 are suitable for oil and acrylic.

Hair - "Synthetic Golden Sable" hair

Look of the brush: diagonal, silver ferrules, long blue polished handles



For protection new brushes procted mostly with natural binders „gum arabic“. Before first use, clean the brush with warm water and wash out the gum arabic.

After painting clean the brush with warm water immediate. Acrylic paints harden quickly.

If the paint has dried already, we recommend our Kolibri brush cleaner. Keep clean the ferrules.

Natural hair brushes should be cared with Kolibri brush soap periodically. By the natural fat in the soap, the hair remains elastic and does not break so quickly.

Do not dry a brush on radiator or stove or in the sun.

Average:20 mm
Visible lenght of hair:23 mm
Lenght of handle:long